Registration & Pricing

Competitor Entry Listing
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Pricing, per spectator (buy tickets at the door, cash only):

  • Adults: $15 for Day ticket, $15 for Evening ticket; $20 FOR BOTH TICKETS
  • Youth 12-17: $5 for Day ticket, $5 for Evening ticket; $10 FOR BOTH TICKETS
  • Children <12: Free admission for Day & Evening; NO TICKETS REQUIRED

Competitor Registration Fees – Note event entry fee*

Early registration fee per person:
Youth (<18) & College Student  $40*
Adult & Senior & Teacher $75*
After July 31
registration fee per person goes up $20:
Youth (<18) & College Student  $60*
Adult & Senior & Teacher $95*

Registration Closes Saturday, August 26

Dance Event Entry Fee – All ages – Price per couple:
Amateur Single & Multi-Dance events     $5 per event (3-dance event costs $5, not $15, per couple)

Tea/Stu Single & Multi-Dance events     $10 per event (3-dance event costs $10, not $30, per couple)

*NOTE: Registration fee includes entry into ballroom for all sessions.  It does not include dance event entry fee which you need for each event you dance.

Cancellation Policy

Competitors cancelling by Aug 10, 2017, will receive a 75% refund.  Those cancelling between Aug 10 and Aug 26 will receive a 50% refund.  Those cancelling after Aug 26, 2017 will not receive refunds.  Please allow 30 days for processing.

Competitors register/pay (via O2CM) at the link below:

KCDC Registration

Here are the steps for the online registration process:

  • Creation of an Account within O2CM for the KCDC event.  The following steps are done within this Account you create.
  • Use the Account to create one or more Competitor Records.
  • Optionally link to an Account one or more Competitor Records created in other accounts. (Current USA Dance members with permanent USA Dance numbers may use those instead of the temporary USA Dance numbers assigned non-members)
  • Use the Account to define partnerships using Competitor Records that have been created by or linked to the Account.
  • Enter the defined partnerships into one or more dance events.
  • Payment of entry fees for competitors.

More extensive user guide information is given on the O2CM Help page if you run into problems or need further explanation.  Or email us at for help.

USA Dance Membership 

KCDC is a USA Dance “Registered” competition.  USA Dance requires all competitors at their “Registered” competitions to be members of USA Dance at the level of “Adult Social Dancer” ($35/year cost) or “Youth Social Dancer” ($10/year cost) or a higher level.  So members at the Adult or Student “Athlete” level are qualified too.

If you are not a member of USA Dance you can join at this link:

Join USA Dance

Advantages of being a member:

USA Dance members receive American Dancer magazine every other month, the leading magazine providing information on both social and competitive ballroom dancing in the US.

Members have access to the website and can easily find chapter locations so that as they travel, they may have the opportunity to  visit chapter dances across the country.

Members will receive periodic emails providing them information about dance events, or broadcasts that may be of interest to them.

USA Dance provides a connection between dancers across the country.

USA Dance’s top athletes represent the US at World Championships across the globe.  USA Dance has been recognized as the governing body of dance in the US by the United States Olympic Committee.  As soon as DanceSport is added to the Pam-Am Games and eventually to the Olympics, USA Dance will select the athletes to represent the United States.


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